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Take an artist, and imagine what a professional music critic's reaction to that artist would be. I think a lot of music snobs (and I use that term with the utmost respect) get caught up on Ben Folds's sometimes-ineffective stabs at humorous lyrics, and overlook his amazingly complex and well-crafted songs. Great band, no one else sounds like them, awesome tunes. I drive a Nissan Sentra; some people will only drive, like, Mustangs or something. That's how little I care about cars; I don't even know what car snobs would say about my choice of car. "Q U, they're often a pair Make "kw" sounds together Like "quick", "quack" and "quill" Q U" Bands like TMBG were always cool. I saw them back in the mid-1990s in DC with Frank Black. ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1203611588&sr=8-5 (I could go on.) As for JJ strange that I just turned on my radio and "The Pretender" is on. v=y1Pkd8s Ie-c&feature=related Man, Susanna Hoffs sure is a sweetie... I'm not sure if Bon Jovi or John Denver is less cool; I'll go John Denver, since Bon Jovi has made a comeback, and.... I don't have a strong opinion about Coldplay one way or the other, but they are my cat's favorite band. (The guy on the right wearing glasses is Peter Asher, who later became a mega-successful record producer.) Dunno of any Beatles recording of it... What's the "signature" that says, "Yep, that's a Lennon-Mc Cartney song"? v=MTt Dm Cko1L0), lead singer and guitarist of The Postal Service ( I had after party tickets and drank with him and the band downstairs following the show. But I love his music (although I'd bet i'm in the minority on that in this board). And I'd say you've shown that no joke is too easy for you. So many - Yes - both the never ending proggy 70's AND the poppy 80's iterations Abba - though I think all the horrible dance rock is claiming them as an influence Bee Gees - Again, both versions - fantastic Beatles-alikes AND Disco pioneers Mel Torme - I believe I have about 35 albums worth; look to the 80's renaissance on Concord with George Shearing for true greatness Eddie Cantor - Check this ( out for him in a studio, telling stories and singing songs for his final recording, or this ( Sammy singing his heart out with a 10 piece jazz orchestra. If Frank Sinatra isn't cool, I don't know what "cool" is. I was once forced to go see a Billy Joel concert, and I came out pleasantly surprised. Probably more than anything, he made me a fan when he started playing the Ballad of Davy Crockett to the audience at the University of Tennessee. The B-52's, I always find myself toe tapping to their music, and for some stupid reason think those big hair girls where HOT!!!!!!!!! However my line of thinking originally was to think of cool as what sells a lot …in other words, if it sells, a lot of people must like it and therefore must have at least been cool at that point in time. Anyway, I am a huge Huey Lewis and the News fan and I honestly couldn’t tell you if they would be considered cool or not. ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1203611983&sr=1-21)with his old band, and their studio reunion ( ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1203612295&sr=1-1) pretty good. Wow, that really makes me seem like a bigger fan than I am. I've been unknowingly repping people for posts they made 5 years ago. That is what they are calling themselves these days? She was really irate and wouldn't stop meowing, so I started flipping radio stations and a couple of Coldplay songs were getting horribly overplayed at the time. But my cat is the ultimate arbiter of cool, so Coldplay is not uncool. I had tried drugging her for travel before and her reaction was kind of scary, so she was unmedicated. Tony Bennett and KD Lang together- So uncool they are cool. Id run to see them if they were still up and at em... Phil Collins...ultimate uncool.anyone not to enjoy his shows.... I think every single person on this list is very cool... :)Rasberries with Eric Carmen---Great 70's top 40 pop band.of the most underrated pop singers ever.... If Frank Sinatra isn't cool, I don't know what "cool" is. And you know I love your girl Gwen.;)I was too, but its the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title. Anyway, I am a huge Huey Lewis and the News fan and I honestly couldn’t tell you if they would be considered cool or not. Then denied it about 2 years later when all of a sudden, they became personas non cool. I have to admit, I saw them perform on some show, and the bass player was wearing an R. I can’t narrow down those last three because they are 3 genres that in general are frowned upon by many people…. FWIW, I love Ben Folds (Five) and I would never thought of them as not cool. )As for Ben Folds, he is a good example of an artist who started off as fairly indie and underground, but later lost a lot of "indie" fans because his music became a little more produced and more popular. But it is jokey and thin, and the rest of the record really isn't much better (except for that Annie song, I'll grant you). Alas most of my live music right now is even more "uncool," like once cool bands who now do special shows for my daughter's generation... I saw them in Baltimore and I know they played DC too. I would say that music critics are the traditional arbiters of cool. The guy writes some damn catchy tunes, there are both well known and not so well known ones on every album. I think that's the main difference between "music snobs" and the vast majority of everyone else. Yeah, and there are plenty of other people who "honestly" say they never owned the album either, but the sheer album sales alone suggest that not all of them are honest. Here, I'll admit to owning two albums that should get me sterilized: Vanilla Ice: To the Extreme Nelson: After the Rain I mean, I was a kid, but still. Hey now, Rockin' The Suburbs has some great tunes on it. Maybe it speaks to me more on some sort of personal level. I hate to admit it but I am sorta looking forward to the kids show. He's good, but I think most Rush fans think he's hands down the best, but its more a bi-product of the featured drum solos than anything.



Popcorn gives you so much more snacking leeway than chips (3 cups versus 10-15 chips).

Two favorites here are Kettle Brand Sriracha or Quinn’s new ”farm to bag” popcorn in coconut oil (kale and sea salt a runner up)And finally, I love a lime chip.


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