Imvu turns into sex chat

IMVU is an insane place that’s all about chatting, dancing, meeting new people, beautiful sexy cartoons, shopping, sexy clothes, strip clubs, sexy poses and parties of every description, and of course lots of sex, all in a reasonably safe virtual way.

The real secret that some people never figure out or that at least takes a long time to figure out, is that under all that, imvu is really about .

I like taking pictures and making videos of IMVU and try to keep most of the more adult things in a Private Section with passwords, but there are a lot of Imvu Girls here and many of the images are pretty sexy and geared toward an adult audience.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your comments or feedback.

I love the people more than I can possibly say, but hate the corporation more than I can possibly say too.

They seem to intentionally screw the the system and the customers so badly that I just can’t stand to look like I’m representing it.


The variety of relationships in IMVU is as vast and diverse as the two million people from over 80 countries.Virtual relationships here can also be amazingly powerful and develop much faster here in this crazy world than in real life, without all of the distractions and nuisances of real life.IMVU User Name: Kaitlyn (send a message before Adding me as a Friend) You can tell by the dates that I haven’t written much in a very long time.I was tempted to turn the blog into a hate site, documenting how IMVU SUCKS because they surely do.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any frank real world advice about IMVU or virtual relationships.

So after talking about that long enough I decided it was time to try to put something helpful for the IMVU community together.


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