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They missed several deadlines, including depositions and witness disclosure deadlines.The bank’s lawyer told me she couldn’t get her client to tell her what the bank wanted to do.



I asked several pointed questions, got the facts I needed, and drafted both an answer to the complaint and an affidavit from my client about the fraud.

There’s a common misconception that blue-ink signatures can’t be faked.

And then finally, about a ten days before trial, they caved: hot off my fax machine came a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal.

What dark secret had we uncovered that sent the bank running for cover?

Simple: we found that they had filed with the court an “original note” that was, in fact, a forgery.

My client had gone to the courthouse herself to view the so-called original note, and when she opened the court file, she made a stunning discovery: her signature at the bottom of the page was in blue ink.


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