Insufficient key column information for updating Chatting with sexygirls

When you first create a temporary table, its table metadata is stored in the data dictionary, but no space is allocated for table data.

Space is allocated for the table segment at the time of the first DML operation on the table.

, then editioned objects are invisible during name resolution and an error will result.

If the evaluation edition is dropped, then a subsequent query on the virtual column will result in an error.

The database does not maintain dependencies on the functions referenced by a virtual column.

Doing so may improve response time during subsequent operations on the clustered data. Virtual columns can be used in queries, DML, and DDL statements.

They can be indexed, and you can collect statistics on them. Exceptions and restrictions are listed below in "Notes on Virtual Columns" and "Restrictions on Virtual Columns".



These privileges must be granted explicitly and not acquired through a role.

Additionally, if the table owner intends to grant access to the table to other users, then the owner must have been granted the .


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