Intelligence and dating


Bernie then extends its service by initiating conversation with matches, tracking the amount of positive response you receive to your messages and reporting back to you, so you can take over the conversation.

The one-of-a-kind app was created by Canadian computer programmer Justin Long as a solution to the growing issue with single people being increasingly time-poor and career-focused – an experience he felt first hand when working long hours.

I published the code and it got a lot of attention a year ago, but then I shelved it, and I was actually going to walk away from the project, until six months later, people started messaging me more and more.

A number of popular platforms have tested the two areas as part of algorithms that can not only help users create meaningful relationships, but also help improve user identity verification processes.

However, one unique new service is turning the industry’s use of the technology on its head, using AI to develop a personal matchmaking assistant that effectively does all the work for the user.

We recently spoke to Bernie’s founder about his reasons for creating the app, the advantages of using Bernie over manual searching, and where he feels the app will fit in the already saturated online dating market.

You can read the full interview below: Bernie is actually a personal assistant, and what he does is he learns who you find physically attractive, he’ll go onto any of your favourite dating sites – so that could be something like Tinder, Happn or Bumble – and he will then connect with it and try to find you a match.

Once Bernie finds a match, he’ll then start a conversation, determining any mutual interest.He sees the responsiveness of the other person and whether they are responding positively, and then will actually send a notification saying something like: “Hey, I think this person’s really eager to chat, I think they are interested in you, you should probably hop on and take over the conversation.”It all started when I was just in a bar and I was getting fed up with all of my friends just swiping away on their phones on all of these dating apps, and I was like: “Guys this is ridiculous, we gotta go out and socialise.”I made a joke that I could just automate it, and I spent about two months just playing around with different things.


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