Internet dating bangkok

Seems this profile was attractive enough to some ladies.One of them, a 28-year old nurse speaking fair English and working at a very reputable downtown hospital I met on a trip to Bangkok.It’s probably close to half a century since I was told anything similar. Thais are not known for their subtleness but I found the way she offered herself to me endearing.The sex that followed was pretty ordinary but the encounter still remains memorable. I sometimes ask Thai girls if they know the countries Thailand is surrounded by. Not entirely their fault, after all they learn at school that Thailand is the center of the world.I am myself well into my retirement years but keep fit, not overweight, not a heavy drinker and a lifelong non-smoker.On my own profile the photos were all unsophisticated and recently taken though I admit having shaved off a few years of my actual age.


I had been browsing Thai Friendly for about 3 month in early 2015.

Responses were more numerous than I had anticipated.

A schoolteacher in a nearby village was next on the list. Not this lady who could name all the regional countries without hesitation. It turned out that for whatever reason she’s afraid of big Farang men.

A nice lady, she would have been ideal in many ways for me. Next she also gave her reason why I appealed to her. Should they be smokers or overweight she won’t even meet with them.


Most interested parties were ladies in their late 30s, in to their 40s or more.

By my own judgement I believe most were quite genuine in their approach.


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