Interracial dating healthy

Are you prepared to handle questions from people, sometimes total strangers, about your child's heritage or parentage? Unlike strangers where comments will be new, one usually knows what to expect from family. Is that often enough to sway your decision one way or another?Will it bother you that an uncle uses racial slurs? Be aware of the fact that you may have to decide to limit contact with some members of your family to protect your child.Do you understand the different skin and hair care needs of people with darker skin tones and textures of hair?

Thanks to the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act of 1994 and the revisions made to it in 1996, it is against the law to prohibit an adoption or to delay an adoption based solely on the race of the adoptive parents or child. Questions remain as to whether a white family can properly prepare a black child for dealing with racism.


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