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No, it's not going to get all weepy after watching Out Of Africa unless you printed it on an ink-jet printer and you're watching the movie in a convertible at a drive-in on a rainy night.Type is emotional on a subliminal level because of the connotations it conveys.Type can reinforce your image as a company or an individual.

They might find themselves thinking of you when they see that typeface, without knowing why. Type has an effect on you even if you don't consciously notice it.You can use this power to your advantage to attract attention, strengthen your message, and improve your image, or you can overlook it and work against yourself saying one message with your text while conveying another with your font. Communication means relaying information about our logic and emotions to others.The better you learn to communicate, the better others will know you, and the better you'll know yourself because logic, emotion, and about 98-percent water are what you're made of. The right typeface can encourage people to read your message.The wrong typeface or bad typography can make your message go unread.

There are entire books about using type (I've written several).People spend their whole lives studying the practice. But if everyone followed these two rules, you would have read more things in your life, and understood better what you did read.


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    It's written in a mock 'authentic' Elizabethan style, and the author doesn't bother with quotation marks when people speak.

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    To help with the scale of the project, two additional developers, Freddie Bingham and Mike Sullivan were brought on to help finish v Bulletin 2.

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