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A friendly approach can often work wonders, sometimes it is good to talk!A misunderstanding that might not be evident could lead to worse problems.Try and approach your Neighbour for a ‘friendly chat’ about the problem. It may be that there is a situation you are unaware of and this could clear the air between you.Remember, that sometimes people aren’t aware of any distress or disturbance they may be causing you.At the first sign of any trouble from your neighbour or members or the local community, no matter how petty it might seem, always start a diary of all incidents, times and dates – make this as detailed as you can.You could compare this to a CV that’s completed when you’re trying to get another job.You should try to use Conciliation if you can, this shows you are not being difficult and really want to resolve issues. Keep all records – noise sheets, letters – everything that is related together, in a file.

If you can’t or don’t want to approach your neighbour in person, try writing to them and outlining your concerns instead.Communication breakdowns often lead to further misery and can make the situation a lot worse.Remember too that some neighbour’s are just oblivious to other people’s needs and have little respect for these no matter what you say or do, you are only human, and you can only try so much.If this is the case then you need to get specialist help/advice as soon as possible.

This is vital if matters get worse and will give you some proof of events.

(You can use our generic blank form for this purpose).


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