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Her hand was cold, almost inhuman- but that would probably be the least of Tsubasa’s worries, considering that there were tendrils of rotted vines creeping up from Nayuta’s hand, from underneath her sleeve, wrapping around Tsubasa’s own hand.“You will make an excellent sacrifice to the Tree of Sorrow.” Nayuta stood up as she said this, a glint in her eyes.(Source: greatladynortha)Tsubasa let her guard down for a second when she saw Nayuta smile. Maybe she wasn’t secretly planning on attacking her after all. After hearing the woman’s last sentence, her blue eyes widened. ” She tried to sound as calm as possible.“I come from a parallel world, a world that’s connected to this.” Nayuta said, keeping her answer as vague as possible. Although the woman in front of her was a fortune teller, the blonde couldn’t help but feel very uncomfortable. The girl kept her hand near her bag, prepared to transform at the slightest sign of danger. It wasn’t exactly hard to tell, honestly, she wasn’t very good at disguising her own body language.

“But where I am from is not as important as what I can do for you, Mizuno Tsubasa. This would be interesting.“Of course I can help you, child.

Well, if she had vines, it was best to have something sharp to cut them with.“Swan Rapier! The bright flash of light would hopefully blind the woman.

” Swan asked, locking eyes with the woman.“I am Northa, former denizen of Labyrinth, and former servant of Lord Moebius.” She introduced herself, her expression unflinching even as Swan manifested her rapier. Shielding her eyes from the brilliant light of the transformation, she took a step back, a wicked smirk on her face.“I see.

If the woman was setting up a trap, the young girl had just fallen into it.“Very good. ”It didn’t feel right to instantly suspect someone. If the woman’s methods of “help” were the slightest bit suspicious, she would run.


I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, and I concluded that it would be a good idea to merge some of my lower activity blogs into my multi-muse blog, @magicalmiraclemuse. ” Using her Love Pre Brace, Swan summoned a sword made out of pale blue light. She used her Cure form’s strength to free herself as well.

The blogs up for moving right now are as follows: Swan looked over the woman in front of her. Taking it in her hand, she pointed it at Nayuta- or the woman that used to be Nayuta.“Who are you and where do you come from? As the girl pulled out the transformation item, and forced herself free of Nayuta’s vines, only a slight expression of surprise crossed the woman’s face.


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