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Two Idealist Healers (INFP) will have a hard time deciding which are the relevant facts in making decisions, and two Artisan Performers (ESFP) might find it difficult to settle down as they jump from one thing to the next.

John and Bernice, both INFP agonized over every decision they made.

Reg and Linda are both Rational Fieldmarshals (ENTJ). They regularly have loud, animated arguments as the debate the merits of each idea.

When they agree, it is impossible to convince them that there might be a flaw in their logic.

They found it much easier to make decisions when circumstances forced a choice.

This kind of relationship is generally as easy to slip into as bath water, unlike the brisk awakening which comes from a relationship of opposites. One is competition, with each partner trying to outdo the other in terms of their type's outstanding characteristics.

For example, two Artisan Promoters (ESTP) might compete to each be more outrageous, daring, and conning than the other.



Two Rational Architects (INTP) can easily have fights over who the true expert is in a particular area.

And two Idealist Teachers (ENFJ) may end up with two teachers and no students.

Lovegood There are a lot of advantages to having a partner who is the same type you are.

You have an instinctive understanding of each other's thinking and ways of doing things. If you also share the same values, you are likely to get along uncommonly well.

Another difficulty is that both partners have similar strengths and weaknesses.Neither will have skill in a number of common weaknesses, causing potential battles over who has to do the jobs neither has skill in.


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    Two days before my Grouper I received an email revealing the location: Phillips – a university area lounge I know well from my Loyola days.

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    She's more than just a pretty face: she’s confident, charismatic, and also intelligent.

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    To most people, dating someone of a different race isn’t an issue.

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    De registrerer sig på forskellige websites, velvidende at disse sites aldrig helt er det, de søger.

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    A minor can’t be required to pay for debts contracted for when still a minor, unless a promise to pay back the debt was made in writing and signed by the party after they became a full adult.

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