Intricacies of dating a bartender


From November 2011 until just recently, EVERYONE was doing Mars in Virgo by dint of that ultra-long transit of Mars. The God of War in the sign of the Maiden is a strange placement, for sure. Or did you, sorry, just pick up some of these habits during Mars in Virgo for umpteen months?The mining tax was the next to go because apparently it was stopping investment whilst raising no money – somewhat like the Coalition’s negative gearing scare campaign which said Labor’s policy was going to smash house prices but negative gearing had nothing to do with inflating them.

New Zealand’s call to halt fossil fuel subsidies fell on deaf ears with the Australian contingent in Paris.Not only will they stay, we now also pay the polluters from our taxpayer-funded emission reduction fund. We have a deficit because our government insists on pandering to the demands of business.First they insisted that the proposed changes to fringe benefits tax must go to save the car industry – or not.


Much of the royalties collected from mining is spent building infrastructure specifically for the mining companies.We now have a billion Northern Development fund to build them some more.


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