Iraq nekat weab cam woman pictures

Note I am not saying who in particular caused any of these injuries, just that this is the sort of suffering happening to both sides as the result of the war.

Most Americans are in deep denial that their country would butcher children and civilians, routinely torture, or bomb homes.

That the Iraqis resist occupation now seems justification enough for Bush.

It may sound strange, but to Bush, the following images are erotically stimulating.

~ oil heist of the #2 oil reserves on the planet, callously masquerading as a compassionate regime change.

The occupation and slaughter carries on without an official reason now that Saddam is captured.

They seem to think American soldiers are in Iraq to act as police rather than killers. Iraqis have only Bush had the woman fired who dared to take this photo of coffins being loaded each night in Kuwait for secret shipment back home. Bush does not count soldiers who die en route to hospital or in hospital in Germany as deaths.

It is amazing how many Americans who don’t feel competent to calculate their own income taxes or balance the books of a home business imagine they know better than anyone how to handle the finances of the entire country.

~ Americans have a superstition, backed by law, that the bodies of Americans killed in war or their coffins must not be photographed.

Yet nearly every American saw this live on when America did its Shock & Awe bombing of the residential sections of Baghdad on the opening day of the war.

Granted, they did not see the blood spurting, but they saw apartments full of families being turned to rubble.

Oddly, the superstition does not apply to those they have killed.I see this law as a way to deceive the American people about the human costs of illegal wars. I feel a duty to punch Americans in the gut with such photos to persuade them to stop treating war as a football game.


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