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On the other hand Tom Hiddleston, her new man, has never dated anyone of note. But that may be because the 35-year-old was not snapped kissing the other famous ladies on some rocks. In 2013 he was so close to her that he went to her 37th birthday party and they sang karaoke.Now we think private casanova Tom needs his day in the sun – or at least, his rumoured ex-girlfriends do. And Jessica previously admitted she went on a ‘couple of dates’ with a mystery actor around that time, though apparently it didn’t last.Tom was last seen with fellow actor Susannah Fielding at the 2011 premiere for The Deep Blue Sea.This one was nigh on confirmed by Tom, as he was actually pictured holding hands and kissing Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings.The pair met on the set of Thor, though their characters never actually shared a scene in the 2011 Kat Dennings seem to be doing: The (apparent) new couple got goofy after they made their first public appearance together, walking the red carpet before the Carousel of Hope Ball, where Groban performed.


They apparently took a stroll round Oxford with Tom’s arm round her, and they were snapped out having dinner at The Wolseley in London.Elizabeth never denied the romance, merely saying: ‘Honestly, those kind of rumours, to me, that’s like, “Well, that’s a bunch of strangers saying a bunch of stuff that they don’t know about.” Some of them really care.’ We do care, and we could see the love shining in your eyes from a mile off.Kat – now dating musician Josh Groban – often said in interviews around the time that she longed for her character to share a scene with the Norse god Loki.Looks like this romance was pretty intense, despite the fact the romance followed hard upon Tom’s longest high-profile relationship…

"I ship it," Dennings, perfecting her Tumblr-speak, captioned the image. The pool for new celebrity couple name is now open.

Taylor Swift’s list of former boyfriend reads like a who’s who of who was hot at certain periods during the last decade or so.


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