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In the fawning article, Alba talks at length of stripping, drinking, cursing and stripping (for her new film, Frank Miller's "Sin City," due out this year). We're just going to pretend for a minute that Paris Hilton isn't dating a Greek heir, 25-year-old Paris Latsis, and continue our unabashed lovefest for her by reveling at her marvelous Guess? After you've closed your mouth and wiped the drool, let's mourn for a minute the supposed end of her longtime friendship with "The Simple Life" co-star Nicole Richie.

In Page 3's ongoing quest to bring you all that is relevant in the world of sports and celebrities, we present to you (drum roll, please) yet another blog!

While blogs are so very 2004, it's the only legitimate way to work more references (and photos) of the ubiquitous Paris Hilton into our content. P3's Jason Mc Intyre keeps you up-to-date with the latest celebrity dish.

Mark Philippoussis, a formidable tennis player once ranked eighth in the world, is now best known for dating celebrities, including Tara Reid, Paris Hilton and Anna Kournikova.

Recently, he proposed to 18-year-old actress and model Alexis Barbara, who has yet to finish high school.

Barbara is the daughter of millionaire property developer Oscar Barbara, president of Quantum Homes and the Builders Association of South Florida.

The property tycoon heiress has been dating Philippoussis for the past five months and accepted his marriage proposal. Apparently, the family loves him – and so far, there's been no mention of the 10-year age difference.

Either way, she's due in New York City next week, so maybe Shockey can win her back. GQ has a brilliant article about Jeter's ex-girlfriend, Jessica Alba.

She famously dated Jeremy Shockey of the New York Giants, and now a report out of Las Vegas places the FHM cover model on the dance floor with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez at her cover party at Pure, a popular nightclub located within Caesars Palace.Somewhere, there's a play on "tight end," but we can't seem to find it.


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