Is miley dating thomas sturges Cam chat face to face sexual

Unfortunately, however, the photos of the two making out and posing provocatively were already on the Internet for all to see.

Since Justin Bieber hit the scene, there seems to have been constant rumors about a Miley/JB hookup.

We think it's safe to say neither of the relationships were valid.


Miley Cyrus has been in quite a few serious relationships in the past, but lately her love life has been nothing but rumors!She has been in 18 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. Recently, however, the rumors took a turn for the weird when tabloids reported Mi Cy actually hooked up with Bieber's dad! in 2009 and quickly made their IRL relationship public.The two broke up briefly in 2010 but got back together and were engaged in 2012.

Apparently the two got together shortly after her split with Liam and he's already considered a part of the Cyrus clan.Miley Cyrus is currently engaged to Liam Hemsworth.


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