Is orlando bloom dating anyone

Katy Perry, 31, and Selena Gomez, 23, could be getting played!

Two of Hollywood’s hottest pop stars have caught the eye of Orlando Bloom, 39, but instead of deciding between the two beauties, he’s reportedly dating both Sel and Katy at once.

But while Orly may be loving life with two hot ladies, we have a feeling that wouldn’t go over very well with Selena and Katy! She’s not against going on a proper date with Orlando at some point,” a friend of Katy’s explains to just spotted holding hands with Samuel Krost for the third time since they were spotted together in November 2015. But Selena and Katy have both been hurt in relationships before, so we’d hate to see Orly do the same to the girls.

Let’s hope he figures out which gal he wants to fully pursue before this situation gets out of hand!


Even if that was the case, sparks were also flying with Katy…yet apparently Orlando feels no need to choose between them! We would love to see Orlando with either Selena or Katy — talk about beautiful couples!Are you shocked to hear that Orlando may be dating two girls at once, Hollywood Lifers?


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  2. eric   •  

    Die drie woorde in my leuse is Respek, Loyaliteit en Liefde.

  3. eric   •  

    Basically, it was like if Reddit and Craigslist had a child. Comment sections weren’t as interactive as they are now, so trolls found a way to live a second life (if they even had a first life) in public chatrooms with their cyber friendz (yes I meant to spell that with a z).

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