Is prachi desai dating tushar kapoor


Their friendship was rumoured to have gone kaput, however, all seems to be sunny now as Anita is all set to make her comeback with Ekta’s Ragini MMS part 2.

Sushant can be considered her hottest discovery till date.

Vidya landed her first acting role in a sitcom called Hum Paanch on Zee TV, produced by Ekta Kapoor.

Vidya’s TV stint paved way for her to enter the big, bad world of Bollywood.

On the occasion of her 38th birthday, Mens XP enlists 7 actors who were launched by the woman herself.

Vidya was launched by Ekta Kapoor when she was just 16.

Although, what Hum Paanch didn’t do for Vidya, The Dirty Picture, which was also produced under Ekta’s home banner, Balaji Pvt Ltd, did, as the film catapulted her career to an all time high, making her a powerful actress to reckon with.

She was a former model before she earned household recognition from her first TV serial Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Saheli with Ekta Kapoor. Anita was considered to be Ekta’s closest pal until Prachi Desai came into picture.

Kapoor rechristened her name to Natassha and she in turn considered Balaji as her second family.

Fierce, talented, successful, visionary, godmother, TV czarina - producer Ekta Kapoor is all that and more.

Besides being known as the most sought after producer who has produced some path breaking soaps, Ekta is also reckoned for launching the career of many an actor who later went on to make a distinct name for themselves in B-town.


And no surprises for guessing, it was Ekta’s convincing abilities that made her say yes to the role of Bani. Ekta unabashedly admits her biasness towards the perky actress, as she considers Prachi her blue-eyed baby.

Prachi made waves with her first Bollywood film, Rock On and owes her success to Ekta.


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