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Taylor would later say he was the only guitarist to leave the group alive, yet it would not happen before hybrid whose pounding drums and heavy guitars are matched expertly by Jagger's lusty vocals.

The title track rewards us with one of the finest five-plus minutes in rock history, and it's comforted by a series of strong contenders for the album's highlight.

in 1992, they similarly chose to replace the cover design by employing the image of a female model in tight jeans.

Acoustics rule in was initially conceived as an acoustic track, much like most found in this collection.Though initially dismissed by some critics as a self-absorbed and overall lackluster outing, it has since been recognized as a mammoth rock classic which set the stage for dozens of bands with similar sound to find success in later years.That's was a world-wide hit, but does not fit comfortably in this album which plays more like a jam session than a professionally mixed studio release.The overall feel may seem too laid back to the point of sounding lazy for those expecting more rock and less roll.

Recorded in the raw within the basement confines of Keith Richards' home in the French Riviera, it plays like a motion picture from start to finish.

With styles ranging from hard rock, country swagger, old-fashion blues, and even gospel, this set finds a way to maintain a cohesive complexity.


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