Is there a benefit to consolidating student loans

We publish the consumer’s description of what happened if the consumer opts to share it and after taking steps to remove personal information.

We don’t verify all the facts alleged in these complaints, but we take steps to confirm a commercial relationship between the consumer and the company.

Companies provide a public response to the CFPB, for posting on the public database, by selecting a response from a set list of options.

Data that supports easier searching and sorting of complaints submitted by or on behalf of consumers.

The result: better outcomes for consumers, and a better financial marketplace for everyone. The CFPB takes reasonable steps to scrub personal information from each complaint that could be used to identify the consumer.

The company's optional, public-facing response to a consumer's complaint.

For example, complaints where the submitter reports the age of the consumer as 62 years or older are tagged, ‘Older American.’ Complaints submitted by or on behalf of a servicemember or the spouse or dependent of a servicemember are tagged, ‘Servicemember.’ Servicemember includes anyone who is active duty, National Guard, or Reservist, as well as anyone who previously served and is a Veteran or retiree.


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