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If consistent patterns arise, I may begin to question, “What is it about certain beliefs; that instead of bringing people more peace and contentment, they are making a great number of individuals feel ungrounded, codependent, addicted, anxious, depressed, etc?

” As one example, I’ve begun to see how the “twin flame” label can affect the consciousness of vulnerable individuals who are in love with someone who is unavailable in some form.

As a result, I’ve listened to a multitude of individuals and seen how certain new-age ideas have been employed.

I’ve also observed the detrimental effects they have had (if any).

“You have but little difficulty now in realizing that the thought system the special relationship protects is but a system of delusions.

You recognize, at least in general terms, that the ego is insane.

I list the philosophies and the potential accompanying patterns/problems that I have seen arise below. This twin flame is part of our own soul that we are each a half of (there is a male and female counterpart). If we get to meet our “twin” in the physical world, we are to consider ourselves very blessed.

Yet the special relationship still seems to you somehow to be “different.” Yet we have looked at it far closer than we have at many other aspects of the ego’s thought system that you have been more willing to let go.


However, from what I see, there is more harm than benefit occurring.It even seems that this kind of harm is being incorporated into the label of “twin flame,” as if a person should expect harm if they have encountered their twin.


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