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For its part, Italian folk music, which often boasts poetic lyrics, is exceptionally varied.In fact, each of Italy’s major regions can claim its own brand of folk.During the 1800s, however, Italian opera became more serious and more passionate.



During the late 1500s, Italian opera originated in Florence.This musical form came of age in the 1700s, a century when the nation built the La Scala and the San Carlo Theater, two of its greatest opera houses.Further, the comic opera dates back to the late 1700s.In most cases, this type of production features a lighthearted sensibility and endings that work out well for the main characters.


Italian classical music blossomed during the 1700s.

Indeed, Italy’s composers — including Niccolo Piccinni and Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti — produced countless masterpieces at that time, and concerto lovers around the world began to take notice of this country’s important contributions.


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