Itemstats not updating

4.032 Oct 21st 2016 * Added Taxi system portal data for Mage and Warrior Order hall * Improved Druid Dreamwalk to remember original position * Fixed "Auto Track Quest" option * Fixed World Map Tracking error 4.030 Oct 16th 2016 * Addon will now disable World Quest Tracker "Auto World Map" option, this is required for Dugi waypoints to work correctly in Broken Isle * Fixed missing Gear Advisor filter data for Druid artifact * Cleaned up NPC name and model databased removing all unused data reducing the memory usage by over 60% * Updated NPC name localization for all other non english client * Fixed waypoint issue with World Quest Tracker addon * Fixed Objective Tracker position issue with World Quest Tracker addon * Improved CPU usage with Gear Advisor and Taxi system * Added keybinding info for Item and Target Button 4.028 Sep 27th 2016 Fixed Map Fog getting disabled if Tom Tom was loaded should only be if Mapster is loaded 4.027 Sep 27th 2016 * Added missing Alliance Priest Order Hall portal for Taxi * Fixed incorrect World Quest waypoint bug * Change frame level for waypoint spell or item buttons 4.026 Sep 25th 2016 * Fixed World Map error 4.025 Sep 23rd 2016 * Fixed FPS issue with Gear Advisor if character have an empty slot * Fixed closing World Map bug 4.023 Sep 21st 2016 * Fixed Gear Advisor check delay on login * Improved "Automatic Waypoints" creation and removals 4.021 Sep 21st 2016 * Fixed Highmountain map fog bug * Added 15 sec penalty for Flightmaster Whistle * New Waypoint Reached Ping option * Remove Staff weapon in Gear Advisor for Protection Warrior * Fixed missing Locations search for Broken Isle zones * Fixed Highmountain map fog bug * Fixed missing Objective Tracker bug when loading Dugi in off state 4.020 Sep 17th 2016 * Fix item button bug * Added 30 seconds delay for Gear Advisor to check for upgrade item upon login 4.019 Sep 11th 2016 * Added Landmark waypoint support (Pet Tamer, Instance Portal, Treasures tracking, Flight Master) * Added Bonus Quest objective waypoint support * Fixed Neltharion's Vault taxi waypoint issue * Fixed changing Word Map bug if World Quest waypoint is active * Added Flight Master Sub Zone location in their tooltip for World Map Tracking * Increased item level score value for Trinket Suggestion * Fixed Taxi system to not suggest Flight Master whistle while in Dalaran because it doesn't work * Updated Taxi Data for missing Shal'Aran portals * Updated Taxi Data for missing Cave entrances in Suramar * Improved Deathknight Death Gate portal to remember original position * Fixed missing World Quest button in Objective Tracker bug during Map Preview 4.018 Sep 1st 2016 * Fixed Gear error 4.017 Sep 1st 2016 * Updated Gear Advisor scoring weights for all classes * Fixed waypoint bug in Death Knight order hall * Fixed Dalaran hearthstone bug * Fixed Flight master whistle bug for Taxi system * Updated Taxi data for Legion Dungeons * Added Broken Isle zones for the GPS search * Remove Gear Advisor slow off hand priority for Enchancement Shaman 4.016 Aug 25th 2016 * Fixed Quest error * Improved World Quest waypoint support * Fixed Gear Advisor ignore slot bug * Hide World Map landmarks (flight masters, instance entrances) during Map Preview * Adjust Map Preview ping animation position to be more accurate.

* Fixed gear advisor for Rogue weapons Dual Wield priorities.* Fixed Astrolabe and Taxi data for Goblin Kezan and Lost Isle zones * Improved intial addon load time on login 4.004 July 25 2016 * Fixed quest POI waypoint arrow to automatically update itself again 4.003 July 22 2016 * Fixed TOC file for Astrolabe error * Fixed Gear Advisor cap with Heirloom items 4.001 July 22 2016 * Fixed Gear Advisor for Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Shaman to allow plate/mail armor from level 1 * Updated Taxi and Map data * Optimized quest log codes to improve performance due to changes in 7.0.3 API that trigger too many QUEST_LOG_UPDATE events * Reduced the amount of Flashing effect on the Objective Tracker to improve visual and performance * Allow waypoint arrow to scale during combat to prevent the "squashed" look when switching to down arrow animation * Fixed Minimap Blip feature but there's a bug with Blizzard which makes it "flash" a little because Set Blip Texture code is a bit slow after 7.0.3 4.000 July 19 2016 * Updated addon compatibility for patch 7.0.3 3.311 June 24 2016 * Fixed missing World Map Tracking points 3.310 June 24 2016 * Fixed various LUA errors * Improved Auto Sell grey items feature to work a bit better * Fixed Hillbrads Foothills search locations * Improved quest waypoints functions 3.305 Mar 7 2016 * Fixed waypoint recalculation Routine LUA error 3.304 Feb 14 2016 * Fixed missing Blink Minimap setting option 3.303 Feb 11 2016 * Fixed taint issue during combat with Corpse waypoint * Improved Blinking minimap icon performance * Blinking minimap icon is off by default 3.302 Feb 8 2016 * Fixed "Best in Slot" tooltip bug * Fixed unclickable DG icon bug 3.301 Feb 5 2016 * New Ignore Daily Quest item option to stop gear advisor from suggesting to replace the Lance for Argent Tournament * New Blink Minimap Resource Nodes option to make nodes more noticeable on your minimap, default on * Fixed Gear Advisor bug that prevented Ring and Trinket suggestion for Hunters * Remove Gear Advisor 2 Hand suggestion for Enchancement Shaman * Fixed Map Fog bug for Mount Hyjal and Twilight Highlands.Pour accder la liste des macros tapez /dugi Principales fonctionnalits*: 4.045 Nov 5th 2016 * Fixed quest detection bug for Patch 7.1 (may fix "Waypoint Reached" prematurely bug) * Updated Taxi Data for more portals in Suramar * Removed "Blink Minimap Resource", this feature is too buggy since patch 7.1 4.043 Oct 30th 2016 * Fixed Update Position() bug, this also fixed FPS issue while in instance and Objective Tracker issue 4.042 Oct 27th 2016 * Fixed Objective Tracker border bug * Fixed patch 7.1 frame clip issue * Fixed error 4.041 Oct 26th 2016 * Fixed Map Button bug 4.040 Oct 26th 2016 * Patch 7.1 compatibility fix * Map button will now appear instead of Waypoint arrow if arrow is not available, clicking the map button will open the World Map and set view on the destination waypoint.* Fix Map Ants bug to prevent it from connecting waypoints sometime.

Right click on the Dugi Icon for config menu Type /dugi for a list of commands.

Dugi Questing Essential est un addon *tout en un* ddi au leveling et aux qutes.


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