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New Values["Contact Title"]; string address = (string)e. New Values["Postal Code"]; string country = (string)e.

New Values["Contact Name"]; string contact Title = (string)e. New Values["Region"]; string postal Code = (string)e. New Values["Fax"]; // Update Customer with the new data customer.

I have loged the value before an after changing and can see the value change. public override void Item Adding(SPItem Event Properties properties) { base.

Item Adding(properties); string curr Title = properties.

An advantage of using Item Updating to set field values is that the values will be visible to the user after they submit their changes in a non-datasheet view.

Because Item Updated is asynchronous, the user may not see their new values when they see the list after submitting the edit.


Read Only); Bind Customer Details(); Bind Customers List(); } The problem is that if I want to handle the old values, I can´t: this, evaluates to 0: int old Values Count = e. Count; and this, evaluates to null, even if I alter the value to a new one: string company Name Old = e.There are two dropdownlists in a formview, one for cities and one for states. After Properties["vti_title"] as string; string url = properties. I´m using a Details View but when updating, I cannot get the Old Values because the Details View Update Event Args.


(no updates required since you are changing the value before it gets saved) I would verify that your Event Receiver is attached to the list. Are you able to debug your Event Receiver when you modify an item in the list? It appears no matter what you do to the after properties it doesn't change anything It is nice to update Title in Item Adding and Item Updating events since extra Updates are avoided (without Disable Event Firing), and the "Edit Properties view" will already have the Title filled in Some code example to update title based on filename. For working with Title in Lists, ["Title"] needs to be used.


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