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During the middle part of the season, Jack is shot by the leader of the human trafficking ring Franklin Romar.

He is left for dead, but the rest of his team finds Jack and Romar is arrested.

His departmental title is Supervisory Special Agent of New York District Unit C-8. Army (at his father's urging) and served for six years in the 82nd Airborne Division before returning to Pittsburgh, suffering from depression.

She attempted once before but Jack caught her and made her promise not to try again. He has suffered intermittent guilt for not preventing her death and wishes he had told his father. His marriage imploded after he had an affair with his subordinate, Agent Samantha Spade (Poppy Montgomery), and because of his long work hours.

He still remains in close contact with the girls but struggles with his relationship with Hannah.

Hannah resents him for the divorce and frequently refuses to speak to him.

Jack is left to recover in the hospital when he finds out that one of the victims he felt attached to is being targeted by one of Romar's men. He finds her just in time before she is again abducted.


Soon after they started dating, he learned that Anne was pregnant, which was an unpleasant surprise to both of them.

In the fifth season, Jack is dealing with the aftermath of a hostage standoff involving Anne and with her unexpected pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. In Season 6, Jack is dealing with a human trafficking for a good part of the season.



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