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“My father was the spiral notebook behind the scenes and strictly a lyricist.” Goffin stresses."My inclination was to write a song about why I can't write a simple love song," Bird wrote of "Left Handed Kisses" in a statement. “A badass, multi-talented, modern-day renaissance woman” is the bold claim on her official website, and Louise Goffin, the daughter of mighty Sixties songwriting duo Carole King and Gerry Goffin, proves a forthright and very personable interviewee.


The soaring, self-aware number captures Bird's attempt to write a love song, with Apple frequently chiming in to challenge Bird's efforts. "The point your song misses is that if you really loved me / You'd risk more than a few 50 cent words in your backhanded love song," Apple sings. Then another voice came creeping in and I thought 'this should be a duet if I can find the right person.' I needed to find someone really indicting. The session was a long whiskey-fueled night - unhinged, for sure.



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