Jana kramer dating johnathon schaech


) got engaged in July 2009, and were married in Michigan last month.I’ll admit, I only know who Johnathan is because he was once married to Christina Applegate, and I would never have been able to pick this Jana Kramer out of lineup, even now that I’m looking at a photo of her. What was wrong with Actor Johnathon Schaech and One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer have split after only a little more than a month of marriage.Jana is humbled by the outpouring of support from her fans, friends and family, and appreciates the respect of her privacy.” Why did the couple call it quits so quickly?A source close to Jana tells Life & Style exclusively, “Jana is a good 14 years younger than Johnathon.His IP put him in Gelndale, California and it really sounded like him to me.Here’s part of what he wrote, and you can check out the original comments on the post – he left two and actually responded to someone. Just having some fun…we just wanted to have some fun over the holiday break and we played with a goofy show on facebook called JANA – THON AND THE MOHAWK.[From Life & Style] So they’re getting divorced because she didn’t like his bachelor pad? I don’t buy that they split because of real estate and decorating. Update by Celebitchy I was trying to remember where I knew this guy from.Jana should have either redecorated or just nagged him until they bought a new place. I think the story is probably a lot juicier, maybe something involving cocaine, prostitutes, an extensive collection of 1970s porn, an unsolved murder and a goat. I checked out his IMDB page and was like “nope, haven’t seen him in anything.” Then I thought I might have covered a story with him, and I did – he posted his proposal video to this chick on Facebook last December and we made fun of it.

Someone claiming to be Schaech commented on the site a few days after we wrote the story.She moved in with him within six months or less of dating. It was his bachelor pad and just not enough space for the both of them.” This is the second failed marriage for Johnathon.In 2007 he divorced Samantha Who star Christina Applegate, who recently announced that she is expecting her first child with fiancé Martyn Lenoble.This story only interests me because they could only make it work for one month. The couple got engaged in 2009 and were married Fourth of July weekend in Michigan.

Jana’s rep Janice Lee tells Life & Style, “Jana and Johnathon have agreed to dissolve their marriage.

We stayed up back in MARYLAND drank wine and edited five episodes on Jana’s apple.



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