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When they flashed back to Afghanistan, I kept thinking back to the previous episodes when Trevor was less than satisfied with what the Afghan forces were showing in terms of capabilities.They didn't seem to realize it was a life or death situation, which was ironic since it was their own country that had been under siege for so long.We were seven minutes in before we finally saw the end of the line seated at the funeral.Michael just walked away, leaving Frank in his grief.So start browsing our personals now to find a date, a partner, or anything else you’re looking for.At a time like that, what could have possibly been said to make the news any easier?To start right at the funeral, all wives in equal position (notably missing was Tonya) meant more drawn out anguish for this viewer.It was agonizing that it took the death of his son for Frank to meet his daughter for the first time.


Their sheer unwillingness to fight for their own freedom was going to cause the death of one of our own.

When Michael told Frank there were casualties, the look on the latter's face was tragic.



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