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- Jenny Sanford continues to offer tantalizing glimpses into her relationship with South Carolina governor and soon-to-be ex-husband Mark Sanford and the fallout of his affair.

Sanford sat down with Good Morning America and provided NPR with an excerpt of her new book, Staying True.

"It was my understanding that they were to remain sealed," she said yesterday. - Mark Sanford has got a date in court two days after his date with voters in May's special congressional election.

And that may, technically, be true, writes Jason Zengerle at New York . The former South Carolina governor's ex-wife filed a trespassing complaint after allegedly catching Sanford leaving her home by the back door, using his phone for a flashlight, according...

- There will be no dramatic contest between Jenny Sanford and her ex-husband, onetime South Carolina governor and no-time Appalachian Trail hiker Mark Sanford, when it comes to Tim Scott's open House seat.

Mark Sanford is expected to run for the seat in a special election, and while some had...


The newly (re)minted congressman will not have to spend his second day post-victory in court after all: He has settled with ex-wife Jenny Sanford over a trespassing complaint she filed after he entered her beach house without her consent ... - Jenny Sanford says she's not behind the leaked trespassing complaint against her ex-husband. In the wake of the bizarre revelation that his ex-wife has accused him of trespassing , the National Republican Congressional Council has pulled its support for his congressional campaign, reports the - Mark Sanford has an explanation for that whole trespassing complaint his ex-wife levied against him: He had to watch the big game with his son. 3, and as Sanford explains in a statement obtained by the Hill , "I did indeed watch the...Some quips and revelations: - Jenny Sanford shares her story of a "cheap" husband who insisted on taking the word "faithful" out of their wedding vows, telling Barbara Walters that despite it all, "I thought he loved me in his own way." In a - Before Mark Sanford made “hiking the Appalachian trail” into a household phrase, one person knew his affair scandal would be big news: His 12-year-old son.- A political blogger claimed today that he had an affair several years ago with a married Republican vying to become the state's first female governor. Nikki Haley vehemently denied the allegation, made in a post on Will Folks' blog that contained no proof. Phil in an interview airing today, reports Politics Daily .“I've chosen to move on, and I've chosen to be happy about it.”...

- From the Appalachian Trail to Capitol Hill: With Rep.Tim Scott grabbing Jim De Mint's old Senate seat, there's a vacancy in South Carolina's congressional delegation—and a former governor wants in, CNN reports.


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