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Chief Executive Officer of Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions, Cy Frank also found time to be Chief Medical Advisor to the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute, the Mc Caig Professor of Joint Injury and Arthritis Research at the University of Calgary, and a practising orthopedic surgeon.Just days before his sudden death, Cy had been in top form on a visit by several panelists and team members to Yellowknife and Whitehorse.We were humbled to be asked for advice on a set of issues that affect all our fellow citizens.We have also appreciated both your support throughout our mandate and your respect for our independence.We hope this report will be useful to you and your Cabinet colleagues, and that our recommendations will galvanize federal strategies and investments that strengthen Canada's healthcare systems.


This report is the product of our consultations with Canadians, supplemented by literature reviews, commissioned research, and our own discussions and deliberations.

In doing so, the Panel members must emphasize that they alone bear final responsibility for what is presented in their report.

The next stop was a full Panel meeting in Edmonton, where Cy elevated our discussions with his unique combination of vision, common sense, and irrepressible optimism about an excellent future for Canadian healthcare.

As fate would have it, Cy's parting words to us were that Canada should aim to build healthcare systems that were living laboratories, drawing patients and clinicians together in partnership with researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all sectors and disciplines.

This report is the culmination of thousands of hours of engagement, consultation, research, and deliberation, made possible only by the efforts of many.

To these individuals and organizations, the Panel would like to express its gratitude.


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