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It's Time to Talk Day CADV's Bridget Mahoney and her daughter Julie Boak had the priviledge of participating in the Love is Not Abuse 7th annual Time to Talk Day in New York City on Dec. The day was dedicated to talking about domestic violence and dating abuse.

Fifteen national and local leading radio talk hosts interviewed celebrities like Tim Gunn, government and corporate leaders, top experts, teens, parents and survivors who came to Liz Claiborne Inc.’s New York City headquarters to get the country talking about this important issue.

Sandra Stablie Harwood, Tim Croucher, Linda Croucher, Gov.

Strickland, Bob Moskowitz, Julie Boak Julie Boak , Bridget Mahoney, Bob Evick, Elsa Croucher, Jim Croucher, Terri Evick, Rob Evick, Ryan Jones.

Joanna Kerns was born on February 12, 1953 in San Francisco, California, USA as Joanne Crussie De Varona.

Sandra Stabile Harwood was signed into law in February 2010 by Gov.


It requires each school district: * To have a dating violence policy * That students be educated about this topic yearly in grades 7-12 through the health curriculum * That middle and high school employees receive in-service training on the topic of dating violence Our Help Line Page lists resources for curriculum available to schools, a model policy, and links to teacher training resources including "The Tina Project." "Tina Croucher Act" Timeline February 16, 2010 Governor Strickland's ceremonious signing of the "Tina Croucher Act" Ohio joins Rhode Island and Nebraska in mandating teen dating abuse education in grades 7-12.From left to right, Katie Edwards, Tom Harwood, Katherine Kuck, Rep.Ted Strickland and became effective in March of 2010.Ohio's new law is named after Jim and Elsa Croucher's daughter Tina who was murdered by an abusive ex boyfriend.

Created by Liz Claiborne Inc., a leader in the fight against domestic violence, the purpose of LINA is to build a coalition of parents, teachers and concerned citizens who are advocates for ensuring that every middle school and high school in the country is teaching a curriculum on preventing dating relationship violence and abuse.

The coalition aims to strengthen the pathways to healthy dating relationships, protect our children’s future and take the essential steps to break the cycle of relationship violence.


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