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As with all the best television shows, it felt like we were meeting up with old friends.

n the course of its first series, Poldark managed to banish comparisons with the 1970s adaptation of Winston Graham’s novels and set the bar pole-vault high for Sunday-evening popular drama.



What was formerly the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is now firmly established as the season of sequins and semi-naked scything.

Ross Poldark was dragged off to jail for inciting riot and murder.

Ross and Demelza’s infant daughter, Julia, died of Putrid Throat after Demelza set aside a family feud and went to nurse Ross’s cousin, Francis, and his wife, Elizabeth, Ross’s former squeeze.

Picture, if you will, that posh bit of rough Ross Poldark (Turner) doing the Argentine tango on Strictly Come Dancing with his tousled curls, coal-black gaze and naked torso.


The combination would cause Tess Daly’s Bacofoil column dress to combust, Bruno Tonioli would be reduced to a puddle of zabaglione and TV sets across the land would spontaneously burst into flames. We promise not to moan about the licence fee ever again.Demelza places a rose on Julia’s bed and cannot forget the little girl was “afeared of thunder”.



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