Julianne hough who is she dating


“Oh my goodness, he wants more than anything to dance,” she told .

“He’s always wanted to dance before he ever met me, so he’s always asking me to teach him and I’m like, ‘Ask Derek! So I think Derek and Brooks might have a first dance.

Julianne Hough looked gorgeous at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards last night! Is Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich’s wedding date soon?

And we know she'll look just as stunning at her wedding. Julianne and Brooks got engaged back in August, and Julianne has just started planning her wedding.

While she doesn’t have too many details yet, she does have some big plans.

Julianne, 27, told that Brooks, 32, wants to have a big dance at his and Julianne’s wedding. Julianne joked she might have Brooks and her brother Derek do the first dance.

That would be interesting and a sight to see for sure.” One thing we do know?

Julianne’s going to look amazing in her bridal gown.

She also loves to go biking, swimming, running and going to Soul Cycle classes to mix it up. Everyone becomes so toned and fit, even in places they didn’t know could get toned!

” Do you think Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich make a cute couple?

And she already got some wedding dress ideas at New York Fashion Week’s Marchesa show.

“I haven’t thought about a wedding dress at all, but, hey, we are at a Marchesa show,” she told judge also goes straight into her fitness routine in the morning.



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