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its so ugly and awkward and makes quick grabs wayyy more complicated then they need to be its just really unwieldy, just give us a straight arrow line on the map. like you get this stupid little blue orb on the ground that you can barely see as a marker like bruh what am i gonna do with that?pull a leaf out of smites book give us a long rectangle on the ground no camera change These posts confuse me. I logged in at about am central time and by had 3 matches under my belt with Riktor. theyre 7 hours ahead of pacific time and definitely more populated in the US am hours.[Verse 1] Sick spitter with the flow shit bitter like burned butter But I bang on the game pick Pain but burn blunters No games while you David and bustered I’m gettin flustered Rollin down my windows askin for fuckin mustard Small fries on these fast food rappers I take em out Pick plenty pop rappers ill smash wit no clout Smash Mouth What I raised on my lines doin coke That post nasal drip got me literally spittin crack Get back.with These toys no need for decoys I’m out in beantown gettin brain like BC boys But fuck a university is what had just occurred to me Cuz I been writin raps way before the fuckin nursery Ya ya we know im ballin like a free throw And that’s my alter ego but on god I’m real Bro Bowl cruisin a passat no facades in my bars on the track spit stomach full of scars bitch Ahhh [Hook] (Sampled From Goyte - Somebody That I Used To Know) But you didn't have to cut me off Now you're just somebody that I used to know But you didn't have to cut me off Have your friends collect your records and then change your number But you didn't have to cut me off Now you're just somebody that I used to know But you didn't have to cut me off Have your friends collect your records and then change your number [Hook] Flick flicking the blunt the flipped spitter Pick pounds of the best picked piffs And spliff litterly Seeds in my weed no need just ask lex Smoke mad hash fall to the ground don’t pass tests Ima neva need no help Not even we know Displeased if my trees low Being baked like bistros No motivation in Our generation I’m jus chillin in a basement lookin for any occasion and man I be outty playin hooty fruity tooty rap records on my way to ruby Tuesday’s or the movies Buyin rounds on yo bitch ass Watch this gold record fly by bitch think fast get whip lash I came in the game just to claim what I can Lyricism on these off brand bitches wit no lane No backpack puffin a sack it’s fuck frat rap Tryna act hard you should get some fuckin arm Tats [HOOK] I ain’t in college I ain’t even go to class Back in high school but you know a motha fucka passed Pass blunts to the left side no ash on my dashboard Whores tryna ride wit us but I don’t even skateboard Stickin digits in they cellular devices I’m a nicer guy in person on these verses bronchitis And these teens fuck widdit like Model bitches gold diggin Real wit my rap game u just Nicole kidmann Are you kiddin?Max Size":"Field cannot have more than {max} elements.","epic.Three":"Top Three Players","epic.orion.common.privacy_policy":"Privacy Policy","epic.orion.common.blog":"Blog","epicgames.plugin.store.order.button.vault":"View Items in Vault","epic.header.es_MX":"Español (Mexico)","epicgames.plugin.store.launcher.partial":"Compatible with a version of Unreal Engine you have installed","epicgames.plugin.store.header.home":"Home","no_more_posts":"No More Posts","epicgames.plugin.store.asset.sale_price":"Sale Price:","epicgames.plugin.store.order.you_save":"You Save:","epic.orion.store.bundle":"Bundle","epic.orion.common.signin_psn":"PLAYSTATION™","epicgames.plugin.commentrating.ratings.dialog.rating_failed":"Rating Failed","epic.orion.invite.More":"Send Another Invite","epicgames.common.validation.password.length_violation":"Sorry, the password length is invalid.","epicgames.plugin.store.title.payment":"Payment","epic.orion.Also, if you’d like to play on both Play Station 4 and PC, please link your PSN ID. 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Id understand if it was a ground placement ability but its not. Me personally I have not had a problem with the hooks, yes I miss a few here and there, but when it comes to landing those quick hooks I do not have a problem at all.Id rather have direct aim in the crosshairs instead of having to reset my cam to find the right angle to pull. The video makes it seem like you can pull from a further distance. Once you get a general idea of where the hook should go you barely notice the blue orb and just land the shot.Sure there are a lot of people playing Riktor but when I checked the matches via the Watch tab I found several without a Riktor at all. I see a lot of people just plain drop out of search at the 4 min mark just to retry their luck. A week from now it will be back to the core group of us who just have to play tanks. I sat idle in queue all day for hours trying to play Riktor.Aside from answering that redundant question, finally got a match in and I have to say the chain pull mechanic needs to seriously be changed.

Can't tell you how many clutch hooks I have made just doing the quick clicks.var paragon_data Preload = {"locale":"en_US","message Properties":{"epicgames.unknown_error":"Unknown error.","epic.orion.newsletter.save_failed":"Save failed, please refresh page and try again.","epicgames.plugin.store.order.wallet_info":"Use your account balance to pay {0}?



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    Their self-titled debut album was issued in early 2011 and debuted at No. Thompson Square headed back to the studio to cut their follow up record , which was released in 2013.

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