Justin gaston and taylor swift dating

Before “Teardrops on My Guitar” became a mainstream success, there was “Tim Mc Graw.” The enchanting music video features the then-country crooner cozying up to a handsome suitor in — where else?— “a Chevy truck that had a tendency of getting’ stuck.” Swift disclosed to USA Today that the track was inspired by an ex-boyfriend.You can’t expect to have a Taylor Swift list without the video that started it all.Released in 2007, “Teardrops on My Guitar” is an ode to Swift’s high school crush, Drew (played by “One Tree Hill” alum Tyler Hilton).Swift may look like a prom queen, but in the charming video for “You Belong with Me,” the songstress trades in her ball gown for a marching band uniform.Though the twerk-heavy “Shake It Off” and the soulful “Teardrops on My Guitar” are in two totally different ballparks, both music videos express who Swift is at certain moments in time — and they aren’t the only ones.In honor of the album’s highly anticipated release, take a look back at Swift’s 10 best music videos.Featuring a bubbly Swift hanging out on a front porch in a tulle dress, the blond beauty sings about her fairy-tale-like romance with an unnamed boy toy.

Swift stars as the pro-typical “girl next door” who fawns over her best friend.Unfortunately for Swift, Drew’s heart belongs to somebody else. Straying away from acoustic ballads, “Our Song” boasts a bit of country twang.The real title of this video should be “When Shakespeare Met Swift.” This period piece-esque video depicts Swift as a damsel in distress longing for her handsome prince (played by Miley Cyrus’ then-boyfriend Justin Gaston).Although Taylor herself has yet to encounter a happily ever after in the romance department, the ending to this “Love Story” matches those of classic fairy tales.

Taylor Swift is the music industry’s ultimate chameleon.

After launching her career as country’s next big thing back in 2006, the Grammy winner’s evolution as a pop princess will soon come to a head with the release of her fifth studio album, “1989,” out Oct. Although the release is still a few days away, Swift has been busy promoting the album by dropping new singles and releasing outrageous music videos.



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