Justin verlander dating

Justin Verlander, aka, the best pitcher in baseball, helps to prove that theory.Justin Verlander’s girlfriend Emily Yuen has helped to provide that stability.Though if it's a bargain you're after, Asos have a pick for just £55.UPDATE: 09/04/2012: It looks increasingly like Justin Verlander’s girlfriend Emily Yuen is no longer his girlfriend.

After reports broke earlier this year that Justin Verlander was dating Kate Upton many wondered what happened with him and Yuen.

Unconfirmed reports have been trickling in that Yuen was spotted moving out of the couple’s homes together and has returned to Virginia without him.

Verlander and Upton have been spotted together repeatedly since initial reports, but no further comments from either party. There seems to be a correlation between the best players in professional sports, and the stability of their home lives.

We’ve seen it time and again that when a player has a calm, stable household off the field, they maintain that same steady performance on the field.

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