K michelle dating olympic swimmer


Rumors began flying after the 26-year old VH1 reality star tweeted her loving support to Ryan before his first swim. Michelle’s “Pooh” did kick butt when he won the gold medal which prompted more praises, “And let the whip a– begin @ryanlochte wins his first gold medal . ” Perhaps the tweet by themselves wouldn’t have sparked dating rumors but Michelle added two photos of the duo looking chummy. First, Ryan’s mother Ileana Lochte or Ike insisted her son only has time for swimming and allegedly some one night stands. He’s so warmhearted that I don’t think he’d want to have a relationship with somebody, don’t think he wants to get into a relationship. He is unable to commit to a single girl because he’s ‘always on the go.” K. Michelle and Ryan Lochte are just great friends who support one another. Michelle have known one another for some time, and their relationship is nothing more but wonderful and supporting friends in each other’s career.” The Love and Hip Hop star double confirmed she and Ryan are not an item to her Twitter followers, “This is so out the blue and old news. #carryon” UPDATE: A third confirmation that Ryan and K. Michelle and Ryan Lochte are just great friends who support one another. https://twitter.com/Dr Drew HLN/status/766417744493416449 On the Aug. Lochte, who recently won the 400-meter individual medley at the Olympics, and K.But any possible love connection has been put on hold since Lochte has been in London for the last few weeks training and competing in the Olympics. Michelle is so happy with life right now, she’s focussed on her music and yes she does have someone special she thinks about, but nothing serious just yet.” K. The swimmer has a ritual after he wins races where he pops in one of his many diamond encrusted grills and takes a picture with his medal.If he acts right." " featuring Wiz, the rapper slammed his son's mother for her past stripper days and her twerk sessions and half naked photos on Instagram.


Michelle shared her support for Lochte via Twitter. “He’s so warmhearted that I don’t think he’d want to have a relationship with somebody. It just wouldn’t be fair to the girl.” It wouldn’t be suprising if the 27-year old was dating K. 2012 Olympics: Ryan Lochte Wins 400m IM, Wears Diamond Grill on Podium [Photos] Lochte wore a black and white diamond grill after winning the 400 IM last Saturday. Michelle revealed she was dating ‘a white guy who is a gold medalist swimmer’ during a panel discussion last year. She tweeted,”OK ITS GOING DOWN THE 2012 OLYMPICS JUST STARTED AND MY POOH @ryanlochte IS ABOUT TO KICK ASS. LUV YA” Lochte’s mother has tried to shut down rumors of any romance for her son.



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