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However, the funny man recently made the move to Los Angeles, Calif. So here are five things you didn’t know about the host’s beau: 1. However, their love was almost over before it began when Deeley left to purse her career in Hollywood.A very upset Kielty made it clear he was not happy about Deeley’s move.Kielty was bestowed the honor of running a leg of the torch’s journey through Northern Ireland.Due to the long-running conflict between Britain and Northern Ireland, the historic run by Kielty and other famous Irish, was significant. Kielty has struggled to find the funny side of a tragic personal history.Kielty first made a name for himself in the comedy world by being willing to perform during some of the deadliest periods of the Northern Island Troubles — and even making jokes about terrorism and the ongoing conflict between the Loyalists — those wanting to stay part of the United Kingdom — and the IRA — those wanting an independent Northern Island.The comedian managed to make such outragous jokes by drawing on own his own tragic past.



“Good luck to her and her capitalism.” , but it was never turned into a series. He carried the Olympic torch through Northern Ireland for the 2012 Games.

Catherine Elizabeth "Cat" Deeley (born 23 October 1976) is a British television presenter, actress, singer, and model.

His father was murdered by Loyalists believing Kielty’s father was a high ranking member of the IRA, an accusation which was later proven to be false.

Kielty was just 16 when his father was gunned down in broad daylight.


While reps for the couple have yet to confirm the happy news, many have been left questioning just who is this Irishman who has captured Deeley’s heart.While relatively unknown in the States, Kielty has had an extensive career in the United Kimgdom as a comedian. While they only started dating around December last year, the pair first crossed paths in 2002 while hosting a BBC reality show called 2. Deeley and Kielty had been friends for close to a decade before they started dating in December.



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