Katie leung dating

Katie Liu Leung is a Scottish film, television and stage actress.

She is perhaps best known for playing Cho Chang, first love interest for lead character Harry Potter, in the Harry Potter film series.

Before she had even left school, Katie Leung was famous as Cho Chang, the weepy girl with a bit of a temper in the Harry Potter films.It was, of course, that kiss that did it – in the fifth film of the series, Katie’s second outing, she became the first girl to kiss the boy wizard himself, and with that came instant worldwide celebrity (as well as a little jealousy from the sharper tongued of Daniel Radcliffe’s female fans).In Channel 4’s gritty four-parter Run, starring alongside Olivia Colman, Jaime Winston and Lennie James, Katie plays Ying, a Chinese illegal immigrant selling DVDs to try to free herself from the vicious gang-master who brought her to Britain.On the one hand, Ying is a role that touches on aspects of Katie’s own heritage: her parents, who are now divorced, are of Chinese descent, although her mother was born in Britain and her father in Hong Kong, after his parents emigrated from China during the first phase of communism in the 1950s.


It received rave reviews – yet, once again, Katie retreated, this time to drama school in Glasgow.She’s still studying, and to good effect – we’ll see her next in a role that could not be further from Hogwarts’s hallowed halls.



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