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Sandra Colamonico has worked with the Gullo Family for more than a quarter century.

She remembers, "George was a very hard working, good hearted man.

Not surprisingly, Mario is involved with the construction of the buildings that they own and lease today.

Of course, leading a firm as successful as George Gullo Development Corporation takes more than the ability to operate a Caterpillar Track Loader. Colamonico comments, "I've never seen a better businessman than Mario. It has to do with relationships and properly servicing existing tenants," says Gullo.

In the 1960s, an industrious Sicilian named George Gullo made the decision to leave the farm that he had worked so hard to build and join the millions of immigrants hoping to achieve their piece of the American dream. Gullo continued to fine-tune his masonry craft and eventually saw opportunity to purchase land in the quickly developing area surrounding O'Hare.

Over the years, he thrived in business and continued to help build the Village until his passing in 2001.

Each of them is involved with the company making it truly a family business. It is no surprise that construction is part of Mario's DNA.

Some Elk Grove neighbors fondly remember a middle school aged Gullo operating heavy equipment on Lively Boulevard.

Gullo and his wife, Sarah, had three children, including two daughters and a son: Anna Marie, Jolene, and Mario.

He is fair and conservative." Both traits have helped the business survive through an otherwise rocky road for some competitors. The company focuses on developing industrial and retail space throughout the O'Hare region.



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