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Grant Todd, University of Louisville, Louisville 40292 Past President: William P. Hettinger, Jr., Ashland Petroleum Company, Ashland 41114 Director, KJAS: Joseph "Pat" Stewart, Warren County Board of Education, Bowling Green 42101 Committee on Publications Editor and Branley A. Hettinger, Jr., Ashland Petroleum Company, Ashland 41114 Secretary: Varley E. Branson, Department of Biological Sciences, Eastern Kentucky Chairman: University, Richmond 40475 Associate Editor: John E. Blaine Early, HI 1991 Lee Todd 1993 Estill Hobbs 1993 Bruce Mattingly 1993 The Kentucky Academy of Science Founded Governing Board for 1989 Executive Committee President: Richard Hannan, Kentucky Nature Preserves Commission, Frankfort 50601 President Elect: Debra K. Pearce, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights 41076 Vice President: H. O'Reilly, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, Lexington 40506 Steven Falkenberg, Department of Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond 40475 All manuscripts and correspondence concerning manuscripts should be addressed to the Editor. The TRANSACTIONS are indexed in the Science Citation Index. The TRANSACTIONS are sent free to all members in good standing. Male genital plates normal, with only a few- short setae (on undissected specimens plates easily seen). 10) Fuminana new genus Head with distinct anterior margin, which is slightly upturned at apex (Fig.

Subscription rates for nonmembers are; domestic, .00; foreign, .00; back issues are .00 per volume. 7) Barbatana new genus Genus Fuminana new genus Head bulbous, margin of crown rounded to face (Figs. Pronotum wider than head, convexly rounded (head appears below prono- tum). Hind tibia with outer row of setae made up of only primary setae.

The TRANSACTIONS are issued semiannually in March and September. Correspondence concerning memberships or subscriptions should be addressed to the Secretary. Art., 50(1-2), 1989, 1-8 Three New Genera and Six New Species of South American Gyponine Leaf hoppers (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) 1 Paul H. Forewing with normal venation, al- though a few incomplete crossveins mostly in claval area (Fig. Color brown to dark brown, with some small creamy spots in cells of fore- wing. Male genitalia usually with pygofer without processes; plates long; style with a subapical tooth or serrated edge; aedeagus tubular with a pair of small apical processes.


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