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In a study by Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen in , it was noted that the share of earned income for women in Kerala is around 12 percent approximately.


How is it that these two states that are amongst the relative better-developed regions fare so differently when it comes to gender-based discrimination?

Here are 5 reasons why Keralite women are better off than their Haryanvi counterparts: According to an article published in the Hindu newspaper, estimates are that around 37,000 girls are at the receiving end of gender-biased sex selection every year in Haryana and account for 4% of gender-biased sex elimination in the country.

The predominant attitude is to view a girl child as a burden and hence get rid of her as early as possible.

Such a mindset has a critical role to play in the skewed child sex ratio in Haryana.

This is exactly the amount available to women in Kerala in houses where the monthly income is Rs.10,000.

Despite this meager amount, women in Kerala are less dependent on others in the family- 5 percent less dependent, thus more empowered than Haryanvi women.


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