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Are You Ready To Take Your Love Life To The Next Level & Get The Relationship That You Desire?Introducing Daniel Amis' Private VIP Coaching(by application only)Platinum coaching is ideal for single, professional woman who wants to not only be successful in her career, but to also be successful in her love life.If you prefer to work virtually, you’ll still have access to my expertise from years of coaching, beneficial e- guides and mp3’s, and your own customized action steps plan.You will receive follow up calls as well (based on your schedule and time of availability) to ensure that things are going well.


So what I would like to do is offer some time of catered attention and coaching that will give you a renewed sense of hope- and a doable action plan that will lead you on the path of getting the relationship of your dreams."Time, as with most people, are a factor in our lives. But thanks to Daniel's advice, I was able to maximize the time that I did have effectively- which allowed me to meet a terrific guy whom I've been dating a little over a year now.- Our VIP coaching can be done in person- or live via Skype.


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