Kim chiu enchong dee dating

At first, I broke down thinking I may not even be able to walk again.

During the six months I had to stay at the hospital, I worried a lot about what I would do if I could no longer act.

" (negative connotation - "What the heck is going to happen to you after BOF finishes? Figure out how to make a transition from the Gu Jun Pyo character is a big homework project for me. I felt so sorry toward the other people in the photos due to the malicious gossip that was spread.

LMH: I would like to work with my ideal type, Song Hye Kyo sunbae (senior).

Even if I have something I want, I won’t tell her and I would just buy it myself.

Should I get a chance to work with her, I would be able to learn a lot and no doubt be very nervous. He has a laid back, comfortable charisma that is so impressive. It was my dream in elementary school to become a professional soccer player. Then when I heard “Ultramania”, I decided to become a singer. KHJ: I played bass guitar in a band when I was in high school. I enjoy expressing it by playing guitar when I get a musical idea. I want to travel to space with them and challenge the limit of our lives. We went to film at Halla Mountain (Halla San) at Jeju Island. Finally, when we reached the bottom and it was time for an interview at the hotel, I had no energy left and fainted.



If I was able to continue playing soccer, maybe I would have been an athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo by now. Even if I'm stuck on the deserted island, I'd need to talk with people on the phone so that I don't get bored. On a deserted island, your food should be cooked - hence the lighter. I would be so bored on a deserted island that I would play with all the games I downloaded to my mobile phone. When i was a child, I listened to a variety of foreign music and I liked the rock genre.

LMH: I like all meats and am good at cooking all meats. Plus, I have a lot of games downloaded on my cellphone. She is elegant and classy and has loads of charisma and possesses excellent acting skills. The top song when I was in school was Seo Taiji and Boys’ “Nan-arayo” ( 난 알아요). I would read what people write about me on my fan page and write my opinions as well. Sometimes I write really harsh reports on myself to push myself. KHJ: It was when I was in the MBC TV show We’ve Got Married.

Check the pages to your right where you can find out about my country. If you want to find out more, just do not forget to visit my homepage whenever you are online to check for latest updates. When Gag Concert character Wang Bi Ho (Yoon Hyung Bin) said, "Lee Min Ho, what are you going to do when Boys Over Flowers finishes? Even though they weren't my girlfriend, people misconstrued them to be.

LMH: It wasn't an internet comment; it was a malicious remark that was broadcast.

Although she has an elegant and classic style, her charisma is also strong and her acting talent is outstanding.If we act together, I think I could learn a lot from her. LMH: I would like to meet Hollywood actor, Edward Norton. However, I want to drink with people I'm confortable with and who don't pressure me to drink alcohol. I'll need to take a good bed in order to sleep well.


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