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Presented by JOLT ARTS AND THE CLICK CLACK PROJECT Featuring 38 sound artists and musicians across three nights Presented across three nights of super-sonic audio dynamism, is a large-scale sonic media performance collection, comprising ten shows jam-packed with 38 maverick sound artists and musicians.

Featuring leading international sound makers including Yoshimio (aka Yoshimi P-We of the Boredoms and OOIOO) and Japanese shamisen master Rumiko Tadano, alongside a stellar Australian line up including acclaimed experimental vocalist Carolyn Connors and celebrated poet berni.m.janssen, The Book of Daughters is a stampede of sonic explorations.

He will be treating us to a mind bending 3-hour DJ set.

Anyone who saw his performance at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2015 can attest, we’re in for something spectacular.

To (try to) spend a night inside the Great Pyramid and write a track there using the unique acoustics of that iconic place.” Unbelievable.

Alongside Henry, Eloy and Luis, we welcome one of the most exciting names in techno right now, Petar Dundov!

Each night begins with , an experiential aural exhibit with a decidedly intimate twist – a free-form, immersive art experiment with a rotating roster of local and international performers collected from the The Book of Daughters artist line-up.

Along the way they will stop off in Australia for a small selection of live shows, and here at D To give you an idea of the scope of Henry’s mind, his plans for the following year include: “To sample the ice cracking sounds of the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina and make some powerful beats with them.

To compose a song in the Joshua Tree desert whilst tripping on LSD.


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