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Whether you need solutions that are biodegradable, extreme pressure or fantastically cold operational environments, Maryn can provide you with results!

Samantha looked for a no-kill animal shelter to take them in but none had...

The Okinawan Karate School in Illinois is affiliated with the Nishime Family of Dojos and the Ryukyu Bujutsu Kenkyu Doyukai (Ryukyu Ancient Weapons Research Organization).

The Okinawan Karate School is under the direction of Sensei Ken Valentine.

With a history of developing products that increase performance, extend equipment life and deliver on the promise the product makes, MARYN International continues to strive for the best possible lubrication solutions for your equipment.

October 13th, 2016 - This week is incredibly special to all of us at Furkids.

It was on October 11, 15 years ago that Samantha Shelton found a mother cat and her three kittens in her back yard.


Southern Animal Rescue swooped in to get us lots of yummy food, warm blankets, and soft beds to sleep in. No, I'm not straight off Oceanic flight 815 - my siblings and I were found in a garbage bin in East Atlanta with no mom to care for us.Since we have been fostered since we were wee little babies, we are totally unafraid of people and LOVE to purr and cuddle. I'm all gray with big blue eyes that will probably change over to more of an aqua.

Our brand strength is enviable – just ask our customers.With over 35 years of development and innovation, Maryn has been at the forefront of the high-performance lubricant industry.


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    I had the biggest smile on my face for the longest time.

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    The latest crew member rumored to be on the way out is Allison Mack, the fan favorite who plays Chloe Sullivan.

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