Knights of pythias sword dating

Please contact me again if you have any further questions.

Sincerely, SUPREME LODGE KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS Alfred A. Saltzman also sent an explanation of the sword's symbolism.

An international non-sectarian fraternal organization engaging in benevolent activities. In New York State, markers are uncommon, but in Maine they are very common along with markers for the siter organizztion - Pythian Sisters.

I have obtained a turn of the century Pythian Book published for one of its Pennsylvania Conventions.

I will be including some of that information at a later date.


Knights of Pythias was a fraternal organization founded in 1864 in Washington, DC.This rusted sword flagholder with the KP initials may be one of their commemorative signatures.Your picture does indeed show a Knights of Pythias grave marker.They are rarely used now-a-days but we do use a small Pythian grave flag that is put on graves during memorial periods.

I have sent you an attachment which explains the markings on a typical Pythian sword.Many of the same markings can be seen on the grave-marker and it will help you understand the history and heritage of the Pythian Order.


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