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Smart also earned brownie points for its innovative and efficient sales approach.There are two new Smart For Two pure electric versions for 2011, a coupe and a cabriolet. That car will feature a manual as well as Smart’s current automatic transmission.Also known as the Smart ED, the first delivery was made in January as part of a 250 nationwide lease pilot program. For the near future, the company is also working jointly with Nissan on a four-seat, five-door hatchback Smart model that will land in the U. A second line of products is also being developed jointly between Daimler and Nissan-Renault and could arrive mid-decade.The Smart For Two is the most efficient gas-powered car sold in the US.(Hybrids, which run on a combo of gas and electricity, are the only cars that beat the Smart on MPG.) With a combined city/highway fuel efficiency rating of 36 mpg, the Smart For Two deserves at least a passing consideration from a green-leaning car buyer.But while the Smart For Two is loaded with personality and has a few key advantages—mostly related to its low price and small size—it simply requires too many compromises in ride quality, safety, comfort and cargo space to make it the right solution for most drivers. It’s about taking up less real estate on the road and parking lot, using less foreign oil to commute back and forth to work and therefore producing fewer toxic emissions, and it’s about joining a new and growing awareness that our world isn’t a perpetual energy machine.” In fact, the Smart For Two’s tagline is: “Open your mind to the car that challenges the status quo.” Reviewers praised the diminutive car for its head-turning cuteness and a surprising amount of seating comfort (albeit for only two passengers).also praised the Smart For Two for its high seating position, good visibility, and Daimler-quality engineering.For 2011, the Smart For Two has been slightly refreshed.


On the outside, the profile also hasn’t changed, but the front fascia has undergone minor cosmetic work to accommodate optional LED daytime running lights.

Inside, there’s a new a three-spoke steering wheel, the dash has been restyled and features a redesigned instrument cluster, while two gauges—a tachometer and a clock—are now standard.



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