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Kirstin's attacker attempted to rape her and she defended herself by using a knife that had been given to her by her father.That knife and some basic self-defense training her father had also shown her enabled Kirstin to fight back by cutting the man in his groin area so she could safely escape the scene.Kirstin's blood tests showed that she was on the way to achieving her goal.The blood tests proved there were absolutely NO drugs in her system.Kirstin was unusually lethargic and was sleeping much more than normal.Becky decided to take Kirstin to see a doctor on July 5 2001, and the physician ordered blood samples for testing.She moved back to her parents' home in Panaca, Nevada with the immediate goal of getting completely off drugs.Shortly after Kirstin arrived in Panaca, her mother, Becky, became worried that something was physically wrong with her daughter.

A large black male assaulted her in a Budget Suites parking lot at Boulder Highway and Flamingo Road, a location from which many crimes have been reported.As a result of the drugs and lifestyle, Kirstin felt it would be pointless to report the attack to the police.A previous experience with reporting a rape had left her feeling shunned and helpless and she was convinced that the police did not care about nor would they ever believe "someone like her." 2001, Kirstin made the decision to change her unfortunate lifestyle once and for all.As she fled, she saw the man curled up in a ball, apparently crying, so Kirstin believed she had inflicted a reasonably serious wound.

At the time the attack occurred, Kirstin had unfortunately fallen into a lifestyle that was unacceptable to her own upbringing and values – she was earning her living by dancing in a strip club and also using illegal amphetamines.

The doctor also took a 24-hour urine collection from July 6 As Kirstin began to get re-settled at her parents' home, she began to relax and told some of her friends and a school teacher about her attack and self-defense with the knife on Memorial Day weekend.


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