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Once you see how various colleges get lifted and do some pretty questionable stuff, you begin to wonder how long an app like this can stay under Apple’s radar; it’s becoming increasingly popular, and new colleges pop up on the app often, so someone in charge of monitoring apps on the App Store must know about Yeti.Yeti surely won’t be around forever, but the ones who live the fastest die the youngest, and that’s all they want.It reminds you of Yik Yak as well, but it’s not Yik Yak.It’s an app called Yeti – Campus Stories, and it’s the dirty Snapchat you’ve always wanted, only it’s not just some random dirty Snapchat account.Welcome to our Kyrgyzstan Live Streaming Webcams Portal.It’s just another app in the App Store to random passersby, but to college kids, it’s the best thing since cancelled 8 AM’s.



Half an hour later, though, a new account is made and everyone is happy again.

College students love these accounts, as they show a side of the college life that would give your parents a stroke, but it’s only a matter of time before the accounts are taken down, and who’s going to want to have to keep making new ones?


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    The Moto G Turbo Edition has also received a discount, and is now available for ₹10,999.

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